Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies

Liberal Studies Philosophy:

  1. Commitment to the development of content knowledge - breadth and depth;
  2. Commitment and respect for diversity of all students;
  3. Commitment to scholarship, teaching, and active, lifelong learning
  4. Commitment to excellence across program areas
  5. Commitment to active involvement with the surrounding community

The Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies provides students with a comprehensive, multidimensional education in a variety of disciplines and serves as an excellent base for further professional educational development. There are two Emphases in Liberal Studies: Concentrated Studies Emphasis and Teaching and Learning Emphasis.

For more information about one of the below emphases, click the title of the emphasis.

Concentrated Studies Emphasis

This emphasis allows students to develop a Program of Study with a faculty advisor which focuses on a disciplinary or interdisciplinary area. In addition to students interested in non-traditional or interdisciplinary degree programs, this emphasis will be of interest to students who have taken substantial course work from a four-year institution in a discipline not currently reflected in the majors at CSUCI.

Teaching and Learning Emphasis

The Teaching and Learning Emphasis provides multiple subject matter preparation for students to be admitted to the Multiple Subject Teaching Credential. The curriculum in this emphasis has been submitted to the California Commission on Teaching Credentialing for approval. This emphasis will provide critical subject matter preparation for passage of the CSET, as an admission requirement for our Multiple Subject Teaching Credential program.

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